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Over the years, we have made a variety of different tools to help us and our colleagues in Scottish Enterprise’s digital teams.

These range from Miro templates to how-tos and digital widgets. But, until now, they’ve been scattered across a range of different places – Github Pages, Codepens and on posts in this blog.

So this is an attempt to gather them together in one place. We hope you’ll find them useful.

Alt text decide-o-matic

Screenshot of the first step of the alt text decide-o-matic tool. It asks the question "Does the image contain text?" with yes/no options

A little decision tree will help you understand how best to include text alternatives for image-based content.

Its’s based on the W3C’s alt text decision tree.

Get help choosing how to add alternate text

Safelinks URL decoder

Screenshot of Safelinks URL decoder

A little app that takes the mangled URLs generated by Microsoft 365’s Safelinks link checking service and decodes them to recover the original target.

Recover the original link from a Safelinks URL

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