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Over the years, we have made a variety of different tools to help us and our colleagues in Scottish Enterprise’s digital teams.

These range from Miro templates to how-tos and digital widgets. But, until now, they’ve been scattered across a range of different places – Github Pages, Codepens and on posts in this blog.

So this is an attempt to gather them together in one place. We hope you’ll find them useful.

Alt text decide-o-matic

Screenshot of the first step of the alt text decide-o-matic tool. It asks the question "Does the image contain text?" with yes/no options

A little decision tree will help you understand how best to include text alternatives for image-based content.

Its’s based on the W3C’s alt text decision tree.

Get help choosing how to add alternate text

Safelinks URL decoder

Screenshot of Safelinks URL decoder
Screenshot of Safelinks URL decoder

A little web app that untangles the URLs provided by Microsoft’s Safelinks service to give the original URL.

Recover the original URL from a Safelinks link

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