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The next challenge is to get form based data capture up and running for the all staff event on Wednesday next week. It is currently Saturday. No pressure then.

I have looked at lots of form applications but most of them seem overly involved and want to tie you into server based subscriptions.

The one that I settled on to trial first is “Device Magics” forms app.

  • You browse to and create an account.
  • Design your form
  • Load the app on the Ipad
  • Do a quick sysnc job entailing copying a code from the Browser to the app.
  • Your designed forms are then available on the app.

Good Points

  • Single device version is free and so good for trialling
  • The form can capture all teh normal web form fields as well as Pictures, Sketches, Barcodes and a few other interesting options.
  • When you design a form you add “Connectors” to it that distribute the form when submitted. Plain text is OK but a big form can look messy quite quickly. MS Word format is OK if you do not have Repeating items such as task lists etc…
  • PDF seems to be the best format. You can send the form to a set address or dynamically take the address from a field in the form.

So far I have created a meeting notes form as well as a Requirements gathering form for next weeks event.

Quite impressed so far.

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